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App Name: Big Number Stopwatch
Created By: GORGES - Visit Site
Last Update: Aug 4 2013

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App Description:

Having trouble seeing those small numbers while exercising? Your problems are now solved! Try the Big Number Stopwatch and be able to check the elapsed time quickly.

The controls are super-simple: the bottom bottom for start/stop and the top button to reset the time. Pressing the middle button momentarily shows the current time. This app displays accurate elapsed time for hundreds of hours.

I wrote this app for myself and my poor eyesight, and hope others will also benefit.

This latest revision (version 1.2, 7/11/2013) omits the leading zeroes, and to reset the time while the watch is running takes a long-click instead of a short-click. Thanks for the feedback, folks! And I now know how much faster the battery is used - the watch konked out with a white screen after 4h20m during an ultra marathon race I was running.

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All Reviews:

   Adzi - Jan 14 2014
Although the idea is awesome and I loved it but for some reason after installing the stopwatch my SmartWatchStatus+ became corrupted and just wouldn't work. Even restarting the watch did not fix it. If you can fix the issue, Im sure it would be a great idea.

Works great.
   mgf99 - Aug 3 2013
Simple. Readable. I love it.