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Oogway's Present

    $0.00 - Free App (SDK v2)

Oogway's famous quote from Kung Fu Panda. Just a reminder to appreciate each moment.

By LauLau on Dec 6 2014


    $0.00 - Free App (SDK v2)

Clean LCARS (Star Trek) watchface. Showing date (DDMMYYYY) day of week, Time, connection and battery status, current weather.

By TomHol on Nov 23 2014


    $0.00 - Free App (SDK v2)

Why settle for earthly weather when your watchface can display space weather!

The sunshine analog watchface provides near real-time views of the Sun's corona (coronagraph), as imaged by the LASCO instrument on the SOHO (NASA & ESA) spacecraft [1].

Sunshine also lists the class and time of the most recent solar flare (bottom right).

- More Info

By afourney on Nov 11 2014

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Bangla Watch

    $0.00 - Free App (SDK v2)

First ever bangla watch in this universe - More Info

By ranacse05 on Sep 6 2014


    $0.00 - Free App (SDK v2)

24h clock with date

By madix001 on Sep 3 2014

WalkRun Daily

    $0.00 - Free App (SDK v2)

The ultimate Running/Walking fitness timer and step counter that also works great as your daily watchface. Includes Time/Date/Stopwatch/Timer/Steps/Miles/Kilometers/Total steps/watch status (including charge %, Bluetooth, charging mode)and compass.
NOTE if you downloaded early then reinstall to get the latest
Version 3.0 fixes bugs caused by new Pebble OS
- More Info

By davidbsimon on Sep 24 2014

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Spot On Time - Drive Plan

    $0.00 - Free App (SDK v1)

Are you on time? Do you know when to turn? Look at your watch, not your smartphone.
* Drive Plan Screen:
- Your estimated arrival time
- Are on time, early or late during your drive
- Minutes and miles remaining
- Your destination Spot
* Turn-by-Turn Directions:
- Next turn with maneuver graphic & vibration
- Turn instruction
- Street name
- More Info

By daver234 on Aug 3 2014

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    $0.00 - Free App (SDK v2)

This app calculates restaurant tips

By mark116 on Jul 26 2014

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    $0.00 - Buy App (SDK v2)

English: Coat of arms of Amsterdam incorporated in Pebble watch face. Contains the time (digital) and the date. Also bluetooth indicator incorporated into the logo.

Dutch: Wapenschild van Amsterdam verwerkt in Pebble watchface. Bevat de tijd (digitaal) en de datum. Tevens bluetooth indicator verwerkt in het logo.

By Svendewildt on Jul 8 2014

Big Flip Clock

    $0.00 - Free App (SDK v2)

Old style flip clock with flip animation and digital date. Both 12h and 24h modes supported (based on watch settings)

Based on Pebble bitmap library and example application by Grégoire Sage at

By Yuriy on Jun 25 2014

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Flower of Life

    $0.00 - Free App (SDK v2)

Simple watchface with the flower of life
created with the watchface generator

By Svendewildt on Jun 22 2014

Water polo

    $0.00 - Free App (SDK v2)

Water polo

By Ty on May 31 2014

Watch Dogs

    $0.00 - Free App (SDK v2)

Watch Dogs...the game...

By Duendiyo on May 30 2014

Apple V2

    $0.00 - Free App (SDK v2)

Our beloved apple ...

By Duendiyo on May 30 2014

Pebble GPS Navigator-Smartwatch Maps and Direction

    $0.00 - Free App (SDK v2)

Here is what people are saying about Simple GPS Navigator for Pebble Smartwatch:

“Whoa! It’s just like a Sci Fi movie!”

“It’s great for bike rides!”

“I love using it when I drive, I don’t need to look at my phone!”

See a mini map and get turn-by-turn directions on your Pebble!

We took a no nonsense approach in developing this app for you to use on your Pebble. It’s a slick set up and easy to use.

Here is how you can start using your Simple GPS Navigator for your Pebble Smartwatch:

Start using the app by opening the app on your phone.
(If you already installed the Pebble app from the Pebble App Store this step is unnecessary)
Then press, “Connect to Pebble” on the MAIN SCREEN.
Once you see the green light you are ready to go!

Note: Before using the app make sure your device is connected to Pebble via Bluetooth before inputting directions.
After pressing “DIRECTIONS” on the MAIN SCREEN you will be taken to the DIRECTIONS screen. Input your directions.
After inputting DIRECTIONS return to the MAIN SCREEN.
You’re ready to go!

While app is operating you can use the ZOOM function on the Pebble app.
Press the middle button on the right to display the zoom function on Pebble.
Press the top right button to ZOOM + and the bottom right button to ZOOM -
To return to the map screen press the middle button again.

Press the top right or bottom right buttons on Pebble to see directions.
Press the same buttons, top right and bottom buttons, to return to the map screen on Pebble.

Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Built-in battery saving techniques:
- The phone GPS will not shut off unless you press “Disconnect from Pebble”
- Another way to save on the battery is to not press “PREVENT IPHONE FROM SLEEPING."
If the light is red on this button then the “PREVENT IPHONE FROM SLEEPING” function is not turned on.
If this function is turned on it will drain more battery power.
- More Info

By mabarne on May 21 2014

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Chinese Watch

    $0.00 - Free App (SDK v2)

Shows the time in beautiful Chinese characters. - More Info

By SeriousPaint on May 2 2014

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Manager league Analog

    $0.00 - Free App (SDK v2)

If you love manager league, you will love the Manager league analog watch face. It includes the football logo with the digital watch at the bottom.

If you prefer digital style clocks, please check out my Manager league digital watch face

By Cpmriise on Apr 21 2014

Manager League Digital

    $0.00 - Free App (SDK v2)

If you love manager league, you will love the Manager league digital watch face. It includes the football logo with the digital watch at the bottom.

If you prefer analog style clocks, please check out my Manager league analog watch face

By Cpmriise on Apr 21 2014


    $0.29 - Buy App (SDK v2)

Play at Tris aka Tic Tac Toe against your Pebble!

By Kaisershmarren on Apr 18 2014

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Haugesund BowlingWatchface

    $0.00 - Free App (SDK v1)

Haugesund BowlingClub's unoffical Watchface.

By MojangerHD on Apr 1 2014

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